Monday, September 5, 2022

I Keep It All Welcome Kit Video Review Part 1

 Watch the new video I made about In this video I show you an unpacking of the welcome kit and the Diamond that's all in the product package. I mentioned in the video for those of you who want to know how I'm marketing online visit my website:

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Ikeepitall I Keep It All Review is Easy To Get Started

 As we are 1 day away from September 2022, Ikeepitall (I keep it all) is slowly starting to gain momentum as more people are finding out about the opportunity. The standard way of purchasing the product package is to mail in your order and your payment. Since technology is really in our favor in 2022, there are now alternative ways to get signed up to speed up the process.

If a person wanted to get started in the business with, they can purchase the product package by credit card, debit card, or other online merchants such as PayPal. The Company Ikeepitall does not accept electronic payments, and it's possible they never will.

Normally the independent contractor who's selling the ikeepitall product package would receive all of their orders directly from their customers. Then they would have to forward the Admin fee and 6 books of stamps to the main office for processing. You may or may not be able to make your $1299 payment online. If you know the person who you're buying the ikeepitall package from, you might be able to make that payment online if they're willing to accept it.

If the person you're buying the package from wants to accept online forms of payment from you, they certainly can. All they would have to do it purchase 6 books of forever stamps and send in a money order to ikeepitall for your $299 admin fee. This saves the amount of time it normally takes for your order, to get delivered by mail to whoever will be processing your order.

If you're interested in getting signed up into I Keep It All, you can contact me by either a phone call or text at: Ken (516)-200-4804

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The fastest way to Make Money Online even if you have no experience.

The absolute best way to make money online is to have your own Brand Product or service. You create a good digital product that you can sell for $1000 or more. Then hire an advertising agency to run your ads. (not as expensive as it sounds) Let them know what your monthly advertising budget is, and they'll send as many potential customers as possible to your website every day.

Don't want to create your own product? Then find one that already exists.

All you need to do is some research and find a website that's generated thousands or millions of dollars in sales. Find out if they have an affiliate partner program. After you become a partner in the affiliate program, hire an advertising agency to manage the advertising. 

Another option is to find a person who has an existing business who is willing to rent out copies of their website. In some cases, you can pay a licensing fee, and they will create a copy of their website for you. Normally you're given the "resell rights" to all of the products featured on that website. 

If you want to see an example of a website that's produced over $10,000 in a month, here's a website that I'm leasing: click this link to take a look.

I Keep It All ( How to Reduce Your Chances of Losing Money

 So on my previous post, I explained how much money it would cost you to join Ikeepitall and become an affiliate. I also gave 2 examples of how much money everything would cost to join and send out 1000 of the small 4"x6" postcards  or 1000 of the 6"x9" Jumbo postcards. It's either a $2100 or $2700 grand total.

After you join and send out your first 1000 postcards, you'll have to wait a few weeks or months to see what kind of results you get. If you get 3 or more sales, you would be in profit mode. Until you make 3 sales you will be in the negative of almost $3000 if you mailed out 1000 of the Jumbo postcards.

The first thing you can do is implement a strategy, to send out a digital postcard. You can post your digital postcard on social media. You can also send out email ads if you have your own mailing list. You can also post a $5 ad in the small business section of Craigslist. There's a lot of different ways to advertise your digital postcard. Email me any questions about this by clicking here.

Another thing you can do is have an additional business online that attracts people who want to use the Internet to make money online.  You can have your own professional website made for you at a low cost, that has a product already set up to sell. Any sales from that website go directly into your account. You can earn from $800 to $7500 per sale. 

The benefit of having a business online is that you can find customers online. You can fully control the amount of people who visit your online store Per Day. There are several major companies that have an abundance of website visitors. They all offer certain advertising deals, and you can pay to run an ad about your website. People who have a direct interest in your business will be sent directly to your website to check it out. This works even for those who don't have any previous experience. To read more about how this can be set up click here: fivestarvideo

If you have a source of extra income coming from online, you can make money online and not have to worry about when you may see the results of your postcard mailings. You can make enough money online, to cover all of the costs to join Ikeepitall and mail out postcards. For some ideas on this click here: make money online

I Keep It All Review: Getting Started And How Much Money Everything Should Cost

  Let's take a look at what the process could be like if you got involved with 

So when you've made the decision to move forward and get started, there will be 3 things you will have to do first: 

1.) You're going to need $1299 to place your order. ($1000 product fee, $299 for the Admin fee)

2.) You're going to need $200 to get 16 books of forever stamps. (4 books for registration later)

3.) You're going to need $150 CASH for the registration fee

4.) You're going to need to plan to take a trip to the Post Office.

5.) You're going to need cash or a credit/debit card to pay to mail in your order.

Many people are going to sign up from a postcard that they received in the mail. If you order from the person on the back of your postcard, you will have to plan a trip to the post office. To place your order follow these steps first:

1.) Get one $1000 US postal money order made payable to the person in the yellow box on your postcard. 

2.) Get one $299.00 US postal money order and leave the "pay to" section blank. Make sure to save your receipts.

3.) Have 12 books of Forever Stamps ready 

4.) Send BOTH Money orders ($1000 and $299), 12 books of forever stamps and the postcard you received (or a clear copy of it both front and back) by Priority Mail, Fed Ex or UPS to the person in the yellow box on your postcard. You can use any money order, but US postal money orders are preferred. When this person receives your payments with stamps, they get to keep 6 of those 12 books of stamps

After your payment and 12 books of stamps are received, your $299 money order, 6 of the 12 books of stamps and postcard will be sent to the ikepitall office to process your order and ship out your product package to you. You can expect it to take at least 5-10 business for the office to receive your $299 admin fee and postcard. The person you sent your order to is required to mail in your order to ikepitall within 48 hours from receiving the payment from you. 

It's unknown how many days it will take for your order to reach ikeepitall offices because it can be shipped to them from any State that can be close or far from the offices in California. Then you have to wait for your marketing kit to be shipped to you from ikeepitall. There is a rush delivery fee that is optional.

5.) When you receive your products, diamond and marketing kit, you will find the registration form in the kit. You need to fill out the registration form and sign it. Be sure to mail it within 5 days from the day you received it to the ikeepitall office. You need to include $150 (cash only) and your remaining 4 books of forever stamps. Registration includes access to private zoom meetings, tips and hacks to help you improve, promotions, designs, and any updates or changes.

So far your total out of pocket expenses just to get signed up is $1599. Also factor in the costs of sending in your order by priority mail, and registration form by priority mail. Perhaps those cost $10 each totaling $20.

The next phase of getting started is the costs involved to order postcards. When you order postcards, they will be printed with your information on them so your customers know who to send their payments and orders to. Let's go over the prices for postcards as of August 2022:

4"x6" Mini Postcards

1000 FREE (the 1000 "free" postcards require a $55 shipping fee and $20 fee to customize your address = $75)

2500 $399 + $39 shipping

5000 $599 + $59 shipping

10000 $899 + $89 shipping

15,000 $1199 + $119 shipping

20,000 $1499 + $149 shipping

6"x9" Jumbo Postcards

1000 $450 + Free shipping

2500 $699 + Free shipping

5000 $999 Free shipping

10000 $1699 Free shipping

15,000 $2399 Free shipping

20,000 $2999 Free shipping

*Update- shipping is no longer free, but the new prices with shipping is about the same as shown above*

Let's use an example of what it would cost to purchase and mail out 1000 6x9 Jumbo postcards. 

1000 Jumbo Postcards costs $499

1000 First Class Stamps costs $600 (required for Jumbo Size)

That's a total of $1100 to send out your first 1000 postcards.

Your total out of pocket costs to join and send out 1000 Jumbo sized postcards is $2700.  

If you choose to send 1000 of the small 4"x6" postcards using cheaper $0.40 cents postcard stamps, that would save you $550. Your grand total to join is $1600 plus mailing 1000 small postcards ($550) = $2150.

You would need to make 3 sales from those 1000 postcards in order to make a profit.

Every ikeepitall customer receives a thumb drive with 10,000 Leads (names and addresses of people interested in making money from home). You can use some of these names to mail your postcards, or you can also use some of the other mailing list providers mentioned in the marketing guide. Here are the other mentioned resources and the prices for 1000 names and address labels:

Nutty Mikes Orange Hit Leads: $300 for 1000

Wolf Enterprises: $490 for 1000 

MSI: $325 for 2500 (2500 leads minimum purchase)

HBA: 1000 leads for $95

Wilson List: 1000 leads for $85

MLM labels: 1000 leads for $75

Revinco: 1000 leads for $75

ExactData: 1000 leads for $300

The last Cost associated with getting started with ikeepitall is the option of renting a mailbox service. If the only address you have is the place where you live, you may consider renting a mailbox at a place like the UPS Store. This will allow you to keep you home address private. You can have this rented mailbox address printed on all of your postcards and orders will be sent there instead of to your home. Small mailboxes at the UPS Store cost between $10 and $30 per month.

How many sales can you make from mailing out 1000 postcards? That is unknown and unpredictable. If you don't have $2200 to $3000 to spare to start participating in this postcard marketing business, you might need to consider some other options. There are a few other ways you can go about doing this without investing money into sending out postcards. Click here to see my other business which pays out $2200 commissions.

Sunday, August 21, 2022 Review of I Keep It All Postcard Marketing System

 IKeepItAll ( has recently introduced a brand new postcard marketing program for 2022.

I'm going to review IKeepItAll, and answer the questions that people are most likely to ask.

My name is Kendall Johnson and I decided to write this review of IKeepItAll (I Keep It All), so that people can have quick easy access to answers of the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, you can email me by clicking here.

Question #1 - Is (I keep it all) a scam, or a legitimate business opportunity?

Answer: So far from my research, it appears that is not a scam. There may be a few things about it that will turn some people off. For example, there is no Phone number available for customer support or inquiries if you're not already a member of the program. You can contact the office by email. 

The story behind IKeepItAll is that the creator Michael Galanis, made around $6 million dollars using this postcard marketing strategy. Can we verify this information? It's possible that this can be confirmed and proven to be a true story. The website does not provide any actual proof that "Nutty Mike" has made millions using postcards. So if this lack of proof will stop you from looking any further into this postcard program, you can just keep searching for something that you feel more comfortable being affiliated with.

Question #2 - Is a legitimate business/company?

"I Keep It All" is a legitimate business but there is no phone number accepting inbound phone calls. The problem I see with these types of programs is that while many of them do have a great product/s being offered, the first thing you hear about the business is the fact that when you become an affiliate, you can earn commissions. Some people will definitely be turned off by this and won't even make it this far to investigate IKeepItAll any further.

Question #3 - Is a "Get Rich Quick Program"?

IKeepItAll can be labeled a "get rich quick program". The examples of how much money you can make by participating in mailing out the marketing postcards, does in fact paint a picture of how you can get rich. So to me that qualifies as a "get rich quick" program. You literally could get rich participating in the affiliate program. Results are not guaranteed, and not typical. There are disclaimers on the website that state that the earnings potential described are only projected, and not guaranteed.

Question #4 - Is selling an actual product of any real value?

A.) has several different products included into ONE bundled offer that costs a total of $1299.00. The featured physical product you receive by mail is a Kimberley Process Certified Diamond. The website says that each product package they ship out to customers contains an "uncut" Diamond. You get one diamond that will be anywhere from  3 to 10 carats in size. 

I don't have experience with diamonds. But from a quick search online, it's likely that the diamond you receive will not be worth more than $1299.00. At some point we'll probably see a member of Ikeepitall get their diamond appraised by an expert. 

B.) The second product you receive with your order is a usb flash drive that contains a mailing list of names and addresses of 10,000 business opportunity "buyers". These are people who have purchased some sort of business opportunity in the past 30-90 days. You can use these names to promote the program & product package, or any other make money from home business opportunity you may be involved with. 

If you don't have a computer program to export the leads/list on to peel and stick labels, you can purchase a software for less than $30 to make the process easy. It's worth mentioning that I've been unable to verify if every member who purchases this list of 10,000 buyer names gets the same exact list, or their own fresh list of names.

C.) You also get Nutty Mike's "Max Results" Postcard Marketing Training Guide. It teaches you how to promote products and services VIA postcards (direct mail). In my opinion, this is the one part of the product package that gives the most value. Training programs that teach you how to make money can literally change your life. 

For someone who doesn't know anything about marketing or advertising, this training material can be a game changer. In the past, I've invested a good amount of money to obtain training materials that have given me powerful marketing knowledge that I can use for the rest of my life. Is it the best training you can get for $1299? Probably not, but it has the potential to help someone earn 1000+ times the return on investment in the long term.

There's one recommended advertising resource listed in this training material that most people will never hear about. I won't mention it here, but it's responsible for people earning thousands of dollars per month year after year. There are also other training materials (e-books etc.) in the kit that provide you with the tools you need to transform your mindset and prepare you to achieve success.

D.) The last major item included in the package, is 1000 Postcards. 

Question #5 - Are there any Monthly Fees? 

There are no monthly fees.

Question #6 - Are there any additional fees or hidden fees involved?

Yes there are additional fees that you will have to manage after becoming a member of IKeepItAll.

1.) Registration Fee: $150 one time fee + 4 Books of forever stamps ($48) = $198.00 total

This registration fee is mandatory, and so are the 4 books of stamps. puts you into their intelligent computer database. This registration fee helps cover the cost of maintaining that system. They track your sales and keep records which I'll explain why a little later in this review.

2.) sales page says you will get 1000 postcards FREE! What the website doesn't mention is that if you decide you want the 1000 small size free postcards, you will need to pay an additional $150 to get them delivered to you. 

The break down of that $75 is a) $55 for the shipping, b) $20 to print your name and address on the back. There's an additional option c) $20 to print your phone number or email address.

3.) Additional Postcards: Considering this is a "postcard" marketing system, you're probably going to want to mail postcards. If you're reading this now, there's a good chance you've already seen the Ikeepitall company postcard either in your mailbox, or on the website.

The interesting part is that if you want postcards to promote this program, you must buy them directly from Ikeepitall headquarters. You can't use any postcard to promote the business unless they printed it. We'll talk more about this later in detail.

4.) Social Media Marketing Tax: Let's say for example you have a social media following, or an email list of people. You can invite them to join the program by posting a story, video, or even a tweet on Twitter. If you start bringing in customers who sign up without a company postcard, you will have to give the company your 6th $1000 commission. (More on this later) After that 6th sale, you will no longer have to pay a tax for enrolling people without the use of the company postcard. Remember this Tax does NOT apply to those who use the company postcards as their only means of generating sales.

5.) Say goodbye to your 10th commission: One more tax comes later down the road after you have made 10 sales. Ikeepitall (I keep it all) takes your 10th commission. But wait! There's a reason for that. It's not because they want your money. It's an automatic upgrade in to a second phase of the program that's been designed to potentially amplify your income. This will also be explained later in this review.

Starting from your 12th sale to infinity, Ikeepitall staff will mail out 200 Ikeepitall postcards with your name and address on them FOR YOU. They supply the names and addresses, the postcards and the postage. For example, if you make 17 sales, sales 11-16 will automatically earn you 1200 complimentary postcards mailed out on your behalf at no cost to you. If those 1200 postcards generated 5 sales for you, that would make you another $5000 in commissions. (without you doing any additional work)

Question #7 - Is there a money back guarantee if I decide I'm not happy with my $1299 purchase?

No Refunds. There is a strict no refunds policy mentioned on the website If having the protection of a money back guarantee is important to you, I would recommend not purchasing the Ikeepitall product package.

Question #8 - Is there any guarantee that I will make money or make profits if I participate as an affiliate and mail out postcards?

No there are no guarantees or promises of earning income. It's also against company policy for anyone to promise people that they will make money. It's also against company policy for members to "fake" income proof or sales.

Question #9 - Will I be responsible for paying income taxes if I do earn money with Ikeepitall?

Yes you always have to pay income taxes unless your accountant advises you to do otherwise. You are an independent contractor and will have to record and report your earnings to pay income taxes.

Question #10 Can I do this if I live outside of the USA?

You can only participate if you live in the United States.

I Keep It All Welcome Kit Video Review Part 1

 Watch the new video I made about In this video I show you an unpacking of the welcome kit and the Diamond that's all in...