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I Keep It All Review: Getting Started And How Much Money Everything Should Cost

  Let's take a look at what the process could be like if you got involved with 

So when you've made the decision to move forward and get started, there will be 3 things you will have to do first: 

1.) You're going to need $1299 to place your order. ($1000 product fee, $299 for the Admin fee)

2.) You're going to need $200 to get 16 books of forever stamps. (4 books for registration later)

3.) You're going to need $150 CASH for the registration fee

4.) You're going to need to plan to take a trip to the Post Office.

5.) You're going to need cash or a credit/debit card to pay to mail in your order.

Many people are going to sign up from a postcard that they received in the mail. If you order from the person on the back of your postcard, you will have to plan a trip to the post office. To place your order follow these steps first:

1.) Get one $1000 US postal money order made payable to the person in the yellow box on your postcard. 

2.) Get one $299.00 US postal money order and leave the "pay to" section blank. Make sure to save your receipts.

3.) Have 12 books of Forever Stamps ready 

4.) Send BOTH Money orders ($1000 and $299), 12 books of forever stamps and the postcard you received (or a clear copy of it both front and back) by Priority Mail, Fed Ex or UPS to the person in the yellow box on your postcard. You can use any money order, but US postal money orders are preferred. When this person receives your payments with stamps, they get to keep 6 of those 12 books of stamps

After your payment and 12 books of stamps are received, your $299 money order, 6 of the 12 books of stamps and postcard will be sent to the ikepitall office to process your order and ship out your product package to you. You can expect it to take at least 5-10 business for the office to receive your $299 admin fee and postcard. The person you sent your order to is required to mail in your order to ikepitall within 48 hours from receiving the payment from you. 

It's unknown how many days it will take for your order to reach ikeepitall offices because it can be shipped to them from any State that can be close or far from the offices in California. Then you have to wait for your marketing kit to be shipped to you from ikeepitall. There is a rush delivery fee that is optional.

5.) When you receive your products, diamond and marketing kit, you will find the registration form in the kit. You need to fill out the registration form and sign it. Be sure to mail it within 5 days from the day you received it to the ikeepitall office. You need to include $150 (cash only) and your remaining 4 books of forever stamps. Registration includes access to private zoom meetings, tips and hacks to help you improve, promotions, designs, and any updates or changes.

So far your total out of pocket expenses just to get signed up is $1599. Also factor in the costs of sending in your order by priority mail, and registration form by priority mail. Perhaps those cost $10 each totaling $20.

The next phase of getting started is the costs involved to order postcards. When you order postcards, they will be printed with your information on them so your customers know who to send their payments and orders to. Let's go over the prices for postcards as of August 2022:

4"x6" Mini Postcards

1000 FREE (the 1000 "free" postcards require a $55 shipping fee and $20 fee to customize your address = $75)

2500 $399 + $39 shipping

5000 $599 + $59 shipping

10000 $899 + $89 shipping

15,000 $1199 + $119 shipping

20,000 $1499 + $149 shipping

6"x9" Jumbo Postcards

1000 $450 + Free shipping

2500 $699 + Free shipping

5000 $999 Free shipping

10000 $1699 Free shipping

15,000 $2399 Free shipping

20,000 $2999 Free shipping

*Update- shipping is no longer free, but the new prices with shipping is about the same as shown above*

Let's use an example of what it would cost to purchase and mail out 1000 6x9 Jumbo postcards. 

1000 Jumbo Postcards costs $499

1000 First Class Stamps costs $600 (required for Jumbo Size)

That's a total of $1100 to send out your first 1000 postcards.

Your total out of pocket costs to join and send out 1000 Jumbo sized postcards is $2700.  

If you choose to send 1000 of the small 4"x6" postcards using cheaper $0.40 cents postcard stamps, that would save you $550. Your grand total to join is $1600 plus mailing 1000 small postcards ($550) = $2150.

You would need to make 3 sales from those 1000 postcards in order to make a profit.

Every ikeepitall customer receives a thumb drive with 10,000 Leads (names and addresses of people interested in making money from home). You can use some of these names to mail your postcards, or you can also use some of the other mailing list providers mentioned in the marketing guide. Here are the other mentioned resources and the prices for 1000 names and address labels:

Nutty Mikes Orange Hit Leads: $300 for 1000

Wolf Enterprises: $490 for 1000 

MSI: $325 for 2500 (2500 leads minimum purchase)

HBA: 1000 leads for $95

Wilson List: 1000 leads for $85

MLM labels: 1000 leads for $75

Revinco: 1000 leads for $75

ExactData: 1000 leads for $300

The last Cost associated with getting started with ikeepitall is the option of renting a mailbox service. If the only address you have is the place where you live, you may consider renting a mailbox at a place like the UPS Store. This will allow you to keep you home address private. You can have this rented mailbox address printed on all of your postcards and orders will be sent there instead of to your home. Small mailboxes at the UPS Store cost between $10 and $30 per month.

How many sales can you make from mailing out 1000 postcards? That is unknown and unpredictable. If you don't have $2200 to $3000 to spare to start participating in this postcard marketing business, you might need to consider some other options. There are a few other ways you can go about doing this without investing money into sending out postcards. Click here to see my other business which pays out $2200 commissions.

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